Sunday, 14 February 2016

Deadpool: The Palate Cleanser

It seems like late January or February is becoming a good time slot for rated R movies based on comic books. Last year was one of the best spy movies of 2015, Kingsman:The Secret Service. This year, Deadpool

The "nonopening" credits set the tone for the whole movie. A dark comedy with a lot of naughty bits, set in the X-Men movie universe. In Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds plays Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, a mercenary mutant with the same healing factor as Wolverine. The plot is simply a revenge tale, where Deadpool is out to kill the people who created him. 
The simplicity of the plot allows the movie to move at a brisk, yet balanced pace that leaves room for the action scenes and jokes to breathe. The action, though sparse, is very well done with light gore and snarky humour, sprinkled with lots of repartee and riposte that make each sequence memorable. Bit of caution, with the jokes flying at you a mile a minute, be sure not to laugh too hard (as I did) or you might miss a quip or two. One of the main characteristics of the Deadpool comics, that is VERY well translated here, is that it breaks the fourth wall with loads of self referential humor. Nothing is off limits here, as it doesnt hold back with poking fun at everything and everyone (Think late 90s Simpsons). FYI, it relentlessly drops gems and does not wait for you to pick them up before it keeps it moving (I'm already planning a second viewing). It is also very easy to tell that the production design and costume teams had a field day. One t-shirt in particular had me pointing at the screen in on the lookout!


Ryan Reynolds really disappears in the role and has incredible chemistry with everyone on screen. His expressions somehow still shine through, even with his mask on. A performance that is very reminiscent of Karl Urban in the movie Dredd, if a comparison is needed. Everyone else also brought their A game making this an immense pleasure to watch. I appreciated that the movie only focused on Wades personal story and there isnt a The world needs to be saved sense of urgency. A trope that has been the theme in all of the Marvel superhero movies set on earth. This excludes Ant-Man.

If I had to have one negative to add, it's that Colossus (One of the two X-men in the movie) is far too preachy about having Deadpool join their cause. Albeit, this gripe is very small because Colossus' presence is to contrast that of Deadpool's, which worked to the movies benefit in the end.

All in all, This movie is phenomenal. As a fan, seeing the potential in Ryan Reynolds  as Deadpool in the beginning of X-MenOrigins: Wolverine, made me very eager to see it realized and 7 years later, my dreams came true. What we get is a refreshing take on the anti-superhero movie (Punisher, eat your heart out) that more than earns its R rating.

            Word of Advice... Go see it!

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